16 Jun

There are many ways you can get noticed and stand out from the rest of your competition, but first you need to determine who you are to  and create a clear image for your customers. So where do you start?

Think about some of the following questions

1. Do you have a brand/ company identity? Maybe you should determine who you are clearly in your own mind first then make sure you communicate this to your customers. 

2. What can you offer them that is unique to other businesses offering similar services? What sets you apart? Is it service, goods?

3. Why should they choose you? 

Once you have this clear in your mind, set out trying to find ways to make your self stand out.

This could be with Social Marketing on sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but if your customer base isn't likely to frequent those sites then try LinkedIn or specific industry publications.

Running a unique event with giveaways may be the answer but does require advice from professionals. How do you get maximum exposure and where will you hold the event? How do we get media coverage. Benefit needs to out way cost always but sometimes it may take a little time to reap those benefits.

Creating a logo that looks professional and smart is a good start to building your brand image. Branding your unforms is instantly a great way of introducing your company and self to potential clients. It's also a great way to advertising; wearing your company logo on great looking uniforms can make you stand out - the more you wear them out and about, the more people will notice your brand. If you look good your clients will feel much more at ease. Just consider the tradie that turns up at your door in grubby clothes with nothing to show, no identity, as opposed to a tidy attired tradie with a company identity on their garments - professional and organised compared to lazy and grubby!

Lightwavez Design can assist your business with promotional products and branding to help you stand out. We can also assist you with product launches.

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